Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Invoice Your Client using Paypal (Tips for Freelancers)

Hello readers, we all know freelancers always face a problem when it comes to invoicing. There are lot's invoicing solutions available across the web but invoicing through Paypal is the easiest one.

Paypal is also known for it's free payment gateway services. Webmasters, Bloggers, Freelancers and other peoples across the globe taking a advantage of this free service because it is simple and easy to use.

If you have started freelancing and don't to know how to send invoice to your client then this post goint to help you.

In this post I going to share that how to send a invoice to your client using Paypal in four easy steps:

Step 1

If you have already Paypal account then login to your account using your username (must be your email id) and password else register for new account if don't have.

Step 2

After login to your account click on request money tab and then click on creat invoice. After clicking creat invoice select new invoice and then click to continue button proceed to next step. See image below and follow the steps:

Step 3

In this step fill up the invoice detail carefully like your name, adress, email, amount & your client's email etc. and proceed to next step by clicking continue button at the bottom of the invoice.

Step 4

Now your invoice is ready for preview, please verify all necessary details filled up correctly, If you feel something wrong then click to edit button to edit your invoice detail or click to send button. Now that's all over. Your client will receive email with invoice and automated payment link included. After receiving your invoice he can send payment instantly.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to use paypal and do that

Shaun Mclain said...

Nice informative post, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This post was very helpful, thanks.

Iain said...

I recently started using Paydirt for billing my clients. They handle the Paypal payments for me.

marta creighton said...

Thank you for sharing excellent informations.Fetchflow is a great invoiceing tool for a great price. It is a veryflexible tool that can be used for many different types of businesses,especially small businesses..that's specifically
designed for small businesses and freelancers.It's 100% free with no hidden costs or limits - you just use it to simply signup send invoices easily and painlessly online. It even sends youreminder emails when your payment deadlines have passed, so youremember to chase up any unpaid/outstanding invoices.

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