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10 Super jQuery and Ajax Scripts for Web Developers

In web development scripts like jQuery and Ajax becomes very handy for web developers. If you are a learner or a expert these scripts is really helpful of all.

In this post I have shared free jQuery and Ajax scripts to help our upcoming web developers. In this list includes - A Drop-Down Menu Plugin for jQuery, Rotating jQuery Tabs, Sliding Login Panel with jQuery, AJAX Loading Panel, Mysql Ajax Table Editor, jQuery youtube playlist plugin etc.

Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery

Please note the Login and Register forms in this demo will not work "out of the box" without a user login system pre-installed on your site (e.g. PHP/MySQL user login system)! However, most of the CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc have a login system integrated in their platform. So if you are using one, read their documentation to see how you could implement this script into your CMS.

Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery

Download | Demo


Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that allows the easy integration of a multiple (or single) file uploads on your website. It requires Flash and any backend development language. An array of options allow for full customization for advanced users, but basic implementation is so easy that even coding novices can do it.

Uploadify is available under the GPL and MIT licenses. This allows Uploadify to be used in a number of applications and commercial products.


Download | Demo

Mysql Ajax Table Editor

Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a php script that will allow you to create web pages to edit mysql tables in a matter of minutes. Similar to phpMyEdit but way better. Some of MATE's features are advanced search, order by columns, edit multiple rows, language support and join other tables.

Mysql Ajax Table Editor

Download | Demo

jQuery youtube playlist plugin

This nice plugin allows you to turn a list of YouTube links into a playlist. This would allow the you to manage your videos on YouTube and simply insert links to the videos on your site. With javascript enabled a nice playlist is created, whilst without javasript the user gets a regular list of links to youtube pages.

jQuery youtube playlist plugin

Download | Demo

nmcDropDown: A Drop-Down Menu Plugin for jQuery

A quick jQuery plugin for creating drop-down menus. Very nice and easy to use.

nmcDropDown: A Drop-Down Menu Plugin for jQuery

Download | Demo

Datepicker and Calendar Eightysix

Calendar Eightysix is an unobtrusive developer friendly calendar and datepicker, offering a better user experience for date related functionalities. The successor of the popular Vista-like Ajax Calendar! Key features:

:: Quick navigation by jumping back and forth between months, years and decades without drop-down boxes
:: Highly and easily customizable
:: Packed with three themes
:: Lightweight (9.5 kB compressed)
:: Purely javascript; AJAX-less and no PHP needed

Datepicker and Calendar Eightysix

Download | Demo

Rotating jQuery Tabs

Tabs are generally used to break content into multiple sections that can be swapped to save space, much like an accordion.

By default a tab widget will swap between tabbed sections onClick, but the events can be changed to onHover through an option. Tab content can be loaded via Ajax by setting an href on a tab.

Rotating jQuery Tabs

Download | Demo

jQuery Highlighter - Easy to use jQuery Plugin

Highlighter easy for customization. Keyboard enabled.

* Keyboard Navigation (arrowkeys + ESC)
* Highly Customizable
* Autoplay
* Todo Accessible
* Todo Cross Browser Compatibility

jQuery Highlighter - Easy to use jQuery Plugin

Download | Demo

Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

The Fancy Sliding Tab Menu is back and better than ever in Version 2 and this time an idle state listener is included to bring all the tabs back to their normal state after a desired amount of time without mouse movement on the window.

The menu is developed in and as mentioned above has some extra features as requested in comments after the last version of the Fancy Sliding Tab Menu.

Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

Download | Demo

AJAX Loading Panel

Enhance your site's look and feel during AJAX requests with the fully customizable state-of-the art Web 2.0 AJAX Loading Panel without writing a single line of code!

All you have to do is to follow a few easy steps, modify a couple of properties and add the show and hide methods to your XMLHttpRequest function.

AJAX Loading Panel

Download | Demo

Do you any opinion, please leave a comment.

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