Monday, August 31, 2009

A list of XML based CMS for Web Developers

In this post I'm sharing a list of XML based CMS (Content Management System) to help web designers and developers. CMS usually implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content.

It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions.

Here's the following list:


XMLNuke is a site content management. No database is needed and it has a minimum setup, using only XML and XSLT files. All output is done in XML. The XMLNuke framework converts the XML into the appropriate format - HTML, RSS, Excel, etc.. All so simple.



GetSimple is an XML based lite Content Management System. To go along with it's best-in-class user interface, we have loaded it with features that every website needs, but with nothing it doesn't. GetSimple is truly the simplest way to manage a small-business website.



Ingeniux CMS is a highly modular Web content management system built on open-standard XML technology. The Ingeniux CMS enterprise 2.0 content platform delivers usable, scalable, innovative solutions for managing websites, online media, and team collaboration.



XML Content Management by Hannon Hill. The award-winning ContentXML product provides enterprise content management solutions for online information management. Hannon Hill creates web marketing solutions that give people and organizations the freedom to manage their Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Portal content with ease.



WebJaxe is a free CMS based on XML documents edition. Semantic edition is provided by a graphical web interface using Jaxe as a Java applet, and HTML publishing is done with PHP and XSLT stylesheets. WebJaxe includes sample configurations for the XPAGES and XHTML languages.


Kumera CMS

Kumera is an Open Source Content Management System written in Perl and using XML for data storage, designed for small to medium web sites. You can read more about what it does in features, or download it and try it for yourself.

Kumera CMS


sharpcms is a open source content management system based on XML and XSLT and written in C#. Easy for developers to install and use it.



YellowTail is exciting, next generation technology designed to make life easier for marketing teams. It allows you to easily create, manage and extend your websites.


Mapix CMS

Mapix CMS is a very simple CMS that allows to modify any content in your websites without using a database. All the content of your website is written in XML files that are editable through mapix back office. Mapix is free (under GNU GPL Licence) and simple to use.

Mapix CMS

Webrender CMS

Webrender CMS is an XML-based CMS, with nested modules. For more hits and more success search engine optimized output is a priority.

Webrender CMS

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Thomas Off said...

You forgot Symphony (, which is also a great tool, especially for simple websites where only some data records are maintained regularly.

Anthony said...

These all look pretty interesting and nicely varied in ideas/implementation - I never knew there were so many XML based CMS'. The barrier to entry on some seems kinda high though.

Another one that could be added to that list is an app we recently launched -, its a new style of CMS that you can "drop in" to any existing app - you create/edit content in Orthor and consume it on your site as a service - content is available in XML, JSON, JavaScript or HTML. The barrier to entry is extremely low, suited to freelancers and designers like mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Anonymous said...

This list is incomplete...

Symphony CMS? Umbraco CMS? PHP and .NET respectively.

Anonymous said...

Check out this Australian made XML based CMS (called Spring) that has some great features:

Used it early last year and loved it however wasn't in the right frame-of-mind at the time to really appreciate what it could do or how powerful it could be.

Bryan P said...

I am working on my xml based cms, as project. But may release it and further development on it.

Anonymous said...

Flux CMS!

Flux CMS is a XML/XSLT Web Content Management System based on PHP 5 and Popoon.

It's easy to use for the enduser and has WYSIWYG editing capabilites, but it's also very extensible and powerful for implementors to suit even advanced needs.

And it's open source and free (GPL licensed).

Anonymous said...

CreationCentre is a new SaaS CMS, which uses an XML data layer to product it's output.

For many integrations, only HTML/CSS is needed, but the output of many built-in features, such as web forms or articles lists can be user-modified using XSLT templates.

Andreas Ek said...

I think that Umbraco is a really good alternative here...

softxml said...

Web Content Management Made Simple

SoftXMLCMS is a unique content management system for managing data in XML format. Easy graphical interface enables you to control the profiling data for the creation of hierarchical structures.

SoftXMLCMS is ideal web tool for creating complex multi-page websites in different languages. Main advantage of SoftXMLCMS is that there is no need for a database that significantly reduce the cost of creating a professional website.

chang said...

Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.
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Padrox said...

Another new cms is the minicrud - . Is an xml editor online. With image upload (with cropping and resizing)

Padrox said...

... Minicrud is developed in Adobe Flash Builder (or Adobe Flex)

jozza said...

Another worth checking out is StructureCMS -

Sets up in milliseconds. Was built for developers with best practises in mind. Includes some basic starter layouts and object types.

Having said that, the administration interface is straightforward for the average laymen aswell.

Elroy said...

I have worked on many softwares but I like proofcms because of its features and services. They help in making my website professional and impressive.

web forms said...

WebJaxe is pretty good CMS, it has good functionality and many features.

CMS Development Company said...

Great list of xml based cms.

Jefry said...

thanks for this information

Anonymous said...

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werkbladen said...

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Hakuna Matata said...

Great. But, what is the use of XML format in CMS??

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